Friday, March 25, 2011

Simple Sundress, Part D'oh!

The day I learn that one cannot iron doubleknit

So allow me to just cut to the chase and say that doubleknit fabric is like meeting a really alluring, interesting person who - after spending a little time with them - you begin to realize is an absolute jerk. But they're so charming that you initially make excuses for them. It's not her; it's me. Maybe she was just having a bad day. We simply got off on the wrong foot. Soon enough, though, you realize it is her. Some people are simply perverse, and there's nothing you can do about it. Meet Doubleknit. She may look glorious. You may have images in your mind of daring projects completed with her modish, retro patterns. But she will never allow it. It's best to just leave her alone. The same goes for Dupioni Silk. I think they're made for each other - unless, of course you (naive, enthusiastic Angry Seamstress) try to make something with the two of them. But that was the second of the sundresses that I made. The first, with the Yui Kokeshi fabric I've been hanging on to since 2009, went flawlessly. Let's do a little math. One successful, rewarding sundress project with very few hiccups and even fewer curse words + one basically disastrous, unwearable sundress project that potentially ruined my iron and caused both me and my sewing machine to take frequent breaks due to overheating = a carefully arranged photograph of a veil of success.

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