Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home EcoChronics

Or – the class in which I am grouped with all the alternative school kids

The Home Economics class I took during my sophomore year of high school was divided into two parts: cooking and sewing (if there was an Economics segment of the class, I haven’t the faintest memory of it). For the cooking segment, the class was divided into groups.

Perhaps I was a little bit gangsta. Or perhaps the teacher thought I would be the serious, responsible one, but I was grouped with the most stoned and underachieving of the flunkies. If S.E. Hinton were writing the script for my Home Economics class, these guys (yes, I was the only female in the group) would be the Greasers. If they blew off the regular high school courses, you can imagine their attitudes towards an elective like Home Ec.. So my memories about the cooking segment of the class are best forgotten.

But Home Economics is where I really learned to sew. I learned how to operate a real, live electric sewing machine, how to make a button hole, a new definition of “darn”, how to adjust tension, etcetera. And for our final project – while most of the other girls were making boxer short pajamas out of Looney Tunes fabric- I made the most excellent pair of velour leopard print lounge pants. And those pants are what I consider to be my first official sewing accomplishment. My second official sewing project (created during my free time at home) was a sock monkey. I personalized him with a gold earring, gold chain, and velour leopard print vest. He was Pimp Monkey. And I was a little bit gangsta.

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