Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Child's Plush Toy Inspired by Childhood Drawing Drawn by Person Prone to Childish Tantrums During Sewing Projects

Oh, that Martha Stewart. I can tell by the general tension that surrounds her that she is, despite her flawless persona, a fellow angry seamstress. Someone on her staff posted a brilliant idea on marthastewart.com to sew children's toys inspired by their drawings. Even though my future child is the daughter of an artist who could out-draw most adults by the time he was four, current technology prevents me from obtaining any creative output from her just yet. So I found the next best thing: a drawing I did at the age of three, “Mouse.”

As you can see in the picture, “Mouse” has a very large belly button, a mustache (or is it teeth?), and a couple dozen legs (or is that just long hair?), which I think makes him the ideal candidate for this project.

Martha recommends that her minions cut out the child’s actual drawing and use the pieces for their patterns. This proves that Martha is neither sentimental nor humane. A better idea is to make a photo copy of the drawing, trace it with a Sharpie marker, enlarge it on the copying machine, and make a pattern.

Now to choose the fabric...

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